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Nook Simple Touch screensaver

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The Nook Simple Touch screensaver is a graphic file that gets displayed when the device is inactive.


Normal screen savers

The default screensavers are stored in the directory:


By default there are two subdirectories under this:


User screensavers are put in their own directory (note the plural):


Both .jpg and .png format files are supported, the resolution is 600 x 800. A user screen saver, for example:



As of software version 1.1.0, there is a bug in the Nook software that has a hard-coded screensaver in the authors collection. If you delete the "/system/media/screensaver/authors" subdirectory, you will get a blank screensaver sometimes despite having a user screensaver selected. You can delete "nature" and all the content in "authors", but you will need to keep the "authors" subdirectory and place your default screensaver there.

As of software version 1.2.0 (this may also apply to 1.1.0), there is a change in the Nook software that hard-codes the initial screensaver to image "authors/Bronte_Sisters.png". Apparently, this is because the "/media" partition has not been mounted at the time the initial screensaver is fetched. If you delete the "/system/media/screensaver/authors" subdirectory, you will initially get a black screensaver despite having a user screensaver selected. Subsequent screensaver images will use the user-selected subdirectory until the next boot (power off/on cycle).

You can rename the "authors" subdirectory to (for example) "Ugly Authors" (that will allow it to still appear in the list of screensavers). Then create a new "/system/media/screensaver/authors" subdirectory, and copy your default screensaver to it as "Bronte_Sisters.png". Or, copy your default screensaver to (for example) "/data/local/ScreenSaver.png" and then soft-link "authors/Bronte_Sisters.png" to it (since the "/data" partition has been mounted at this point). Eg:

ln -s  /data/local/ScreenSaver.png  /system/media/screensaver/authors/Bronte_Sisters.png

Boot screens

In the boot partition there are various images:

  • black.pgm
  • booting.pgm
  • charging0.pgm
  • charging1.pgm
  • charging2.pgm
  • charging3.pgm
  • dead.pgm
  • pic.pgm
  • white.pgm

The files are 800 x 600 (landscape) 8 bit monochrome in the Netpbm portable graymap (PGM) binary format (P5).

Probably the most noticeable to alter would be booting.pgm, which appears during boot.

Framework screens

In /system/framework/framework-res.apk there are a few more screens packed in res/drawable-mdpi:

  • cold_boot_screen.png ("Your Nook has turned off completely")
  • cold_battery_low_boot_screen.png ("Battery too low to power on")
  • factory_screen.png ("Fully charge before first use")

Probably the most noticeable to alter would be cold_boot_screen.png, which appears when powered down.

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