See Rooting new hardware FIRST if you have a nook original with a 1003* serial# or above.
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Root nook color software 1.3.0

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I have been trying to read up about how to hack our family's nook color. Unfortunately alot of things are confusing me and I'd like to figure them out before proceeding. Our nook color was purchased in Dec of 2010. The serial number begins with 2004. The model number is BNRV200. The software version is 1.3.0.

Here are some of the questions I have. What is the difference/meaning of rooting, softrooting, hacking, etc. I read where someone had upgraded to firmware 1.3, but was now going to root their nook and downgrade to 1.0, then upgrade to "rooted 1.3". What the heck does all that mean? Is 1.3 firmware the same as the 1.3.0 software that is apparently on my nook right now? I read something about not letting your nook be updated by B&N because then you could never hack/root your nook color. Is it too late for me? Where do I begin? What am I supposed to do first? Should I do a firmware update or a software update or what? I see software versions of 1.5, 2.0, etc. Which one do I need? Do I have to change my software before hacking my nook color? Do I want to root or softroot (whatever that means)? Where do I find the correct instructions to do what I need to do. It seems like the downloads I am finding are for software 1.0 or 1.1. I think I have everything I need...a Mac, a PC, a 8gig microSD card, a card reader that plugs into a USB port, a google account, etc. I am confident I can follow the directions and do it. I just can't figure out which directions are the ones I'm supposed to follow? Does it matter if I do it on a Mac or a PC?

Please help. Thank you!


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