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Put bug reports, enhancement offerings here

  • Do not expect the dev team to patrol the xda forum just now. They're working.
  • Recognize that this is NOT a forum, don't put thanks here, kudos, etc. Only direct comments related to the work.
  • Expect that comments here may be deleted as they are cleared
  • Do not expect replies
  • Use the "+" button at the top to add to this page.

Nookie Froyo Navigation

Main Page

How to:

Burning a bootable SD Card | Updating the SD | Source, Build Instructions, etc | Tips


Nookie Froyo XDA Discussion Page | Donate to the cause

Please report all bugs/comments/suggestions to the discussion page

I had installed FROYO0.6.7 in emcc by CWR .When plug NC to my computer ,SDcard can be mounted ,but MEDIA not.I use RE copy some files in MEDIA ,but these files had been lost after rebooting.

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