Is Roblox Unbanned In Uae 2021 (March) Answered Here!

Is Roblox Unbanned In Uae 2021 (March) Answered Here! ..

Is Roblox Unbanned In Uae 2021 (March) Answered Here! >> The write-up shares details about the gaming platform that was banned and again unbanned for the time being on demand.

The gaming platform Roblox has recorded a high rise in the past decade, making children addicted to the game. Based on this fact, Dr. Hamid Saif Al Shamsi, the Attorney General of UAE, imposed a ban on the gaming platform back in 2018. Now gamers across Worldwide want to know Is Roblox Unbanned In Uae 2021 or it is still banned.  

Roblox is the virtual gaming platform offering hordes of games, and back in 2018, the Attorney General imposed a ban on this gaming platform. He has issued an ordered to block the online gaming platform and other gaming websites to prevent kids from getting addicted to it and minimize screen time.

Why is Roblox Banned in UAE?

Roblox is the popular virtual gaming platform with hundreds of exciting games to enjoy. The gaming platform is acclaimed for its comprehensive collection of various games. The platform also allows professional developers and amateur gamers Worldwide to develop and publish their games on this gaming platform.

It is the feature that makes Roblox quite popular. Because of this feature, a ban is imposed on the platform. Now developers want to know Is Roblox Unbanned In Uae 2021 to continue gaming.  

Roblox gaming platform is also banned because users and kids in UAE were getting addicted and immersed into the gaming app for long hours. It is increasing their screen time and making them addicted to gaming platforms. 

So, the Attorney General of UAE imposed a ban back in 2018 to prevent the children from getting addicted to the game platform and reduce their screen time. The ban raised several questions amongst the gamers, and many developers took social media for discussion regarding the prohibition.

Is Roblox Unbanned In Uae 2021 or The Ban is Lifted?

As mentioned, the Roblox gaming platform was banned back in 2018 in UAE by the Attorney General. Apart from Roblox, other gaming platforms were also banned, including the Cloud Pets and Blue Whale. 

After imposing a ban on the gaming platform, many queries and questions are coming up online related to its banning or is it still banned. After many discussions, it was finalized that the ban on Roblox will be lifted for the time being. 

The decision to unban Roblox in UAE was taken due to the increasing demand from gamers supporting the gaming platform. However, the platform is likely to get banned again after getting notice from authorities.

Is Roblox Unbanned In Uae 2021: What are the People’s Reactions?

People in UAE, especially parents, are pretty happy after the ban on the gaming platform. But, many developers and gamers were unhappy after the Attorney General made the decision. 

As the ban was lifted, many supporters and gamers of the platform were happy and shared their excitement online for the ban lift. They are also worried at the same time because the platform is likely to get banned again after notice.


The UAE authorities imposed a ban on the popular gaming platform Roblox back in 2018. However, the ban was lifted due to the increasing demands of the supporters and gamers. 

There is a higher chance for a permanent ban of the gaming platform once the authorities release the notice. 

Hopefully, your question Is Roblox Unbanned In Uae 2021 has been answered as Roblox is on, and you can enjoy playing it for now until it is banned in the future. 

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