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Is Shoppica Legit [June] Know about its Legitimacy here!

Is Shoppica Legit 2020

Is Shoppica Legit [June] Know about its Legitimacy here! -> In this article, you will get to know about an online website trading in women’s clothing and accessories.

Are you looking for an online shopping store with the latest women’s clothing and accessories? Do you want to make some promising deals? If yes, then check out this website known as Shoppica.

Shoppica Reviews states that it deals in finely designed accessories and women’s clothing. It is based in the United States and sells its products at attractive rates with considerable discounts. This expansion has made it significant for the buyers to confirm “is Shoppica legit website or not?” 

Is Shoppica legit? 

An increase in the demand for the latest women’s clothing and fashion accessories has given rise to the uprising of various other similar women’s clothing websites.

So to make your judgment easy and your shopping experience a better one we will tell you in Shoppica reviews that whether this website and its product are authentic or not. According to the research, it is most likely to be a scam.

What is Shoppica? 

Shoppica is an e-commerce web site consisting of different styles of women’s clothing and accessories. It is designed to grab the attention of today’s fashionable women. 

Its products include lingerie, trousers, bras, long wool pullovers, shoes, jewellery, etc. The products are finely designed and are accessible at low prices. High discounts are available for almost every product of the website. All the products are attractive and are in the latest style. 

The specifications of the Shoppica website:

  • Website: It sells women’s clothing and other fashion accessories. 
  • The contact number is 321321321 & 123123123
  • The company’s address is not mentioned. 
  • The website address: &
  • The delivery time for the order is not mentioned.
  • The website has no details about the return policy. 
  • The modes of payment are AmericanExpress, MasterCard, and VISA.
  • Customer service is not available.

Is the Shoppica website worth your money?

No customer reviews could be seen on the website. After confirming from the other websites, we came to know that people haven’t visited this website much due to which it shows a low trust index. This is an unfavourable discovery as any website that delivers a product or service usually has considerable reviews at least. Thus, this website seems to be possibly a scam. 

The Shoppica reviews show us that only limited information is provided on the website involving the absence of about us page, delivery details, office address, and customer care service.

The website shows a limited number of products that are priced too low to be trusted. Moreover, sites show the sloppy work as the text is in some other language and is copied on every page of the website. 

Similarly, the absence of the website on popular social media platforms and invalid contact details marks it as suspicious. Therefore this website is not worth your money as it reveals various scam signs.  

Positive remarks :

  • The websites provide you with finely designed women’s clothing and accessories. 

  • Every product on this is available in a variety of colours and styles.
  • Attractive discounts are available for each product. 
  • The website is operating smoothly.
  • Different modes of payment are available on the website. 
  • This website has existed for 10 Years, 124 Days. 

Negative remarks:

  • The website shows sloppy work.
  • The domain name of this website is generic and is used by other poorly reviewed websites. 
  • The website doesn’t show any valid SSL certificate.
  • No reviews are available on the ‘Web Of Trust’ for this website.
  • The website doesn’t show any customer reviews.
  • The website shows two countries involved in its set-up.
  • The website doesn’t show us the ‘about us’ page ‘return policy’ and ‘shipping details’. 
  • This website provides invalid contact details.

What are people saying about Shoppica?

A lot of scam signs such as no customer reviews, no ‘web of trust’ rating, fake contact details with just repetition of numbers, no customer service option, and limited product availability on it mark this website as suspicious.

People haven’t bought much from this website after finding it suspicious. Lack of social media presence confirmed that it was the least popular website. 

People found details given on the website as irreverent, elusive, and haven’t purchased anything from it. Consequently, this website shows a poor trust index. 


So the final answer to the question: Is Shoppica worth buying or not? Is      Shoppica legit or not?  As this website doesn’t have any customer reviews so we won’t advise you to buy any product from this website.

Also, due to false and limited information available on this website, it seems like a possible scam. Therefore we do not recommend this website and advise you to shop wisely.

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