See Rooting new hardware FIRST if you have a nook original with a 1003* serial# or above.
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NookColor Enable App install from on-device installers

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Enable APK Install using on-device installers

  • thanks to Novaglarion*

This will allow you to install apk files directly from the device, no need to adb them over. Just get the apk from the web or whatever source you want and install.

If you used autonooter to root your NookColor

On the device is an app called NookColor Tools. Run it, and ensure that the checkbox for on-device install is checked. If it's already checked, uncheck and re-check it to make sure that it's actually set. Exit the app and reboot your nook. You should now be able to sideload apps.

If you did not use autonooter

If you have adb access

  • Open a command prompt and navigate to your sdk tools folder (i.e. C:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools)
  • Run the following commands:
$ adb pull /data/data/ settings.db
$ sqlite3 settings.db
sqlite> update secure set value=1 where name='install_non_market_apps';
sqlite> .q
$ adb push settings.db /data/data/
$ adb reboot

If you do not have adb access

If you do NOT have adb access:

  • Download SQLITE Editor from the market.
  • In SQLite Editor open /data/data/
    • choose the table secure
    • find the entry where the name field is "install non market apps"
    • change the value field to 1.
  • reboot the device.


Obtain a file manager like ASTRO from market to install apps from NC without ADB.

Once you have that, you can download and install other apps such as an alternative market like slideme.

Note: You may have to restart your homescreen for the apps to show up.
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