See Rooting new hardware FIRST if you have a nook original with a 1003* serial# or above.
Belated congratulations to [mbm] and pokey9000 for rooting the Nook Color. Check out our Nook Color portal also.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Having trouble with my Nook Wifi, perhaps you can help

I work on a cruise ship (in Europe), so Wifi onboard is next to impossible for the Nook. So I was hoping, maybe someone out there could help. I have to rely on internet Cafe's, which has become tedious for downloading books. Few questions, my personal computer gets company internet (hence how I'm writing this), however, I can not log in using my nook. But when I plug in my nook, it goes into "USB Drive Mode",

My question is this: I can download the file onto my company computers laptop, is there anyway to transfer this file so that it shows up on my nook to read????

Or just as good, is there a way to log on to an internet connection, even if you have to open a browser first. Let me give you an example. When I log into my nook at home, I choose the internet connection I want, type in the password and "I'm in". However, if I'm in an Airport or something, and the WiFi involves paying for the internet (normally on my laptops internet browser my homepage is re-routed to some payment screen, or login) my Nook appears lost, and I can't connect. Is there a way to connect to this type of WiFi?


How do I root my nook?

That depends. If the first four digits of your nook's serial number are lower than 1003 (or, in some cases, start with 1003), you can try the softroot.

If your first four digits are 1003 or higher, but your system's firmware is not native 1.5, you can try rooting new hardware.

If your hardware is native 1.5, try Rooting 1.5 on any hardware. You could also try this method if you have 1.5 installed on any nook.

How do I set the nookLauncher as the default launcher?

You can now set the nookLauncher to be default from within the nookLauncher, just go into nookLauncher, scroll to the right and tap "use as default launcher" button. Check out video below if you need more details. {{#ev:youtube|x0xi97i-vug}}

How do I install Trook, the browser, etc?

They're already installed, using the Launcher Settings, then hit the '+' to add them to the menu.

How do I disable B&N updates

You need adb to do this, you can do it by issuing the following command (1.3):

adb shell rm /system/app/FirmwareUpdateService.apk

You can also mv it out of the /system/app directory or save it somewhere else using adb pull before removing it. In prior to 1.3 firmware versions you need to (re)move FUS-release.apk package.

I can't uninstall a nookDevs app

if the following fails

adb uninstall com.nookdevs.launcher

You likely did the 1.2 streamlined update when it first came out, we have made some changes in the way things are laid out. You have 2 options.

  • Run the latest 1.2 streamlined update, it will run over top of a 1.2 rooted nook, and it will save your settings (You don't need to go to 1.0.0)
  • Edit your /data/system/packages.xml and remove the system="true" next to the app you wish to uninstall.

Please note that the #1 method is recommended as there have been other fixes to the update since we released it.

I bricked my Nook, how do I fix it?

I've yet to hear of a single person irrecoverably bricking their nook. Try the following:

  • Remove battery.
  • Plug the device in via USB
  • Boot it up.

How do I revert my nook to its factory freshness?

Please see how on this page on old hardware (pre-1003*) and this page for new hardware (post-1003*); note that this will completely reset your device and remove any side-loaded books or customizations stored on the device.

It's possible the power button reset works on old hardware as well.

How do I switch from Launcher back to NookLauncher?

You have to uninstall the home.apk, install the original home.apk from stock, and then install nooklauncher.

Can I have your babies?

Maybe, send pics.

What about the Nook Color

See the page at NookColor. In general, is currently focusing the brunt of it's efforts on the latest software revision for the original nook. Please do not bother the team as it is too soon to expect much in the way of development!

A community sub-group has formed around the NookColor which is built around the Portal:NookColor page.

As of Monday 29 Nov 2010, the Nook Color rooters have achieved serial console over USB.

As of Dec 1 2010, full root of the NookColor was achieved, See Portal:NookColor for full details and more information and how-to's.

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