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NookColor Fix Boot Loops

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Sometimes an NC will get into a state where it attempts to reflash the factory roms over and over and over. This is usually due to a damaged BootCnt file. Note that this is different than a situation where the nook simply boots normally over and over. This page is specifically directed to the case where the factory rom refresh is running over and over.

As we said before, this is usually caused by a dammaged BootCnt file, which is in a partition which is NOT touched by the factory refresh.

This fix depends on a nooter0.2 disk. The NookColor will boot off the sd card before it reaches the failed boot loop on the main system.

The Nooter disk is set up to talk to the PC via ssh. The ssh operates over the usb connection using an rndis address that is statically set to It does not depend on wifi or on your DHCP server. It's talking over the USB connection statically. Linux and Mac systems automatically connect to an RNDIS ethernet device. Windows systems may require installing the rndis driver, but it is already on the system.

The process

  • Put in a nooter disk. This will boot the NC to a black screen.
  • On your PC you need to use an ssh program to access the Nook.
    • On Linux or on a Mac, at a console, type
        ssh root@ 
    • On windows you will need to use putty.exe. If you don't already have a copy of Putty, right click that link and save it in the same folder as your adb.exe. Now, navigate to that folder and open putty.exe. It does not need to be installed, it just runs.
      • In putty, in the host name field, type
      • In the menu on the left, under connection choose Data, and in the auto-login username type the word root
      • Press the open button.

You will now be in an ssh session connected to the nook running the nooter's operating system.

Now, we will fix the BootCnt file. Type into the ssh screen:

mount /dev/mmcblk1p2  /mnt
echo -n -e "\x08\x00\x00\x00" > /mnt/devconf/BootCnt
umount /mnt 
  • Power off the NC holding the button down for about 10 seconds
  • Remove the nooter sd card.

The NC will boot, and will run the factory flash one more time.

After that the NC should boot normally.

Stuck in "Touch the Future of Reading" screen after Recovery Flash

If you are stuck at the ""Touch the Future of Reading" screen after using the ROM Manager application to boot to a newly flashed recovery, you should be able to boot to a known good mSD recovery and select "reboot system now". As soon as the power goes off for reboot, remove the recovery mSD and the system should boot normally.

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