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NookColor Issues

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While the Nook Color is a good device with a pretty solid stock ROM, there are some known issues and limitations. The known issues and possible workarounds are documented below. If lengthy workarounds or fixes are found, a new page should be created and linked from information below.


Known Issues

Random Reboots

The Nook Color seems to reboot when going into standby mode randomly, some folks say this also can happen on an un-rooted device but as of this time it's not sure exactly what the root cause is. Generally it seems as if the device reboots itself after you go into standby by letting it go to sleep on its own or pressing the power button, often you don't even notice it's happened unless you hear the reboot chime. The good news is that it never seems to happen in actual use, so it does not affect typical stability of the device and the device reboots quite quickly so if it does happen while you're in use (say you let the screen go to sleep and are waking it back up) the device boots in under a minute.

Workaround One

Disabling WiFi before going to sleep eliminates nearly all of the reboots, but they still might happen every so often. This can be automated using the Setting Profiles app on the Market. The following information explains how to set up the Setting Profiles app, which will work for free in the Lite version. What it's really doing is turning off Wifi when the screen goes to sleep, and turns it back on when the screen wakes up.

  1. Download [Setting Profiles Lite] from the market ([buy it] if you appreciate it!)
  2. Under the Profiles tab, create a new one and have everything unchecked and un-starred except WiFi (gold star), which means it will Turn OFF WiFi.
  3. Under the Rules tab, create a new one with Conditions: Screen off and Actions: Activate (whatever you named that profile you just created). Put the priority on 'Highest'

Post on XDA Developers: [1]

Workaround Two

If keeping Wifi on all the time is important to you, there is different tweak you can make which will reduce but not eliminate the reboots. Setting the device's CPU governor to ondemand using SetCPU, CPU Tuner, or other tools on the Market will eliminate most of the reboots.

Creating Shortcuts

The Nook Color stock ROM does not contain something (unknown at this time) which facilitates creating shortcuts, therefore this activity will generally quietly fail to work, although in some cases it could cause Force Closes. Typical symptom is if you're attempting to create a shortcut in a launcher by long-pressing on the desktop, tapping the Shortcut option in this case will generally just "not work".


You can create a "shortcut" by masquerading it as a widget. Download a program like Desktop VisualizeR from the market and create a 1x1 widget, then select the icon and action you want it to perform. This method works well on LauncherPro, and you can even add book shortcuts that are similar to the nooks stock library shortcuts by creating a 2x2 widget with Desktop VisualizeR, using a cover image from Google Images for the icon, and the action:

Other>Astro>LaputaBooks(or other ebook location)>(Book Title Folder)>(Book Title)

To change the dock shortcuts in LauncherPro, change it on another android device, create a backup, and then transfer the backup file from the other device on to your NC's SD Card to be restored on the NC.

No other workarounds are known at this time, except doing things different ways. Example, in order to set the quick launches in the Dock in LauncherPro one has to use the Shortcut method of long-tapping in this area. ADW Launcher on the other hand you can drag from the launcher into the Dock to add items there. This is just an example, not a pro/con for either very respectable launcher.

Accounts/Sync Settings

The Nook Color stock ROM is also missing quite a few preferences and perhaps the code behind the preferences to actually function, such as the Accounts and Sync Settings dialog typically used to add accounts manually, such as Google, Facebook, Picasa, etc. Using the trick in the auto-nooting instructions one is able to set up a Google account, but other accounts might be impossible to create at this time. One example is Delicious Droid, a Delicious bookmark client which needs to create an account to sync but cannot because you cannot reach this screen to add the account and when Delicious Droid itself tries to do it, it crashes. There are likely other examples of this behavior.


This short writeup includes information on adding or removing secondary Google accounts.

Live Wallpapers Don't Work

The Live Wallpapers on the Nook Color after nooting it may or may not work, but try ones downloaded from the market, several from there are known to work. If you look on the XDA Forums you can also find the Galaxy Tab Live Wallpapers which are said to work, and are higher resolution and look nicer too. There is a possibility that some Live Wallpapers requiring certain capabilities may not work, but that's not certain at this point.


Find replacement wallpaper or that from the Galaxy Tab.

Calendar Data Not Syncing

If your Google Calendar entries aren't syncing with the Nook Color, there is an easy work-around for this.


If you go into Gmail app, hit menu, choose "Accounts" and then "Add Account" and add the exact same account (google login) that you currently have, then you get a screen where you can select both mail and calendar sync. This has been found to work for most that try it.

And to be clear, when adding the Gmail account twice it doesn't actually add two accounts, it'll just allow you to turn on calendar sync for the device. After that is done, any calendar app should work since they use the same protocols to pull down the data.


Post on [2]

Nook Color stays awake forever after Titanium Backup

If you find that your Nook Color is dead in the morning after a scheduled Titanium Backup, it appears that the default option for the sleep behavior during backups isn't optimal for the Nook Color. Changing this option fixes this specific issue related to Titanium Backup.


Launch Titanium Backup, go to Settings. Look for WakeLocks Mode, and change it from Screen Awake to CPU Awake and this should solve this issue. It appears to sleep normally after the scheduled backup with this change.


Post on XDA Developers: [3]

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