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NookColor Uninstall Apps

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There are 2 ways to Uninstall apps. The easiest is to use market (market->downloads->uninstall.) If the app is not in the market, you will need to remove it manually

Use the adb command from the sdk and the package name of the application, for example: com.rovio.angrybirds.

The full list of installed apps appears in /data/data/

So, to uninstall an app, first use the adb shell to get the list of installed apps:

adb shell
ls /data/data

This will return a list of the installed apks names in the form the system will recognize them.

Now, exit from the adb shell


and issue the uninstall command

adb uninstall com.rovio.angrybirds

and the system will uninstall it.

The page on installing is found here: Installing

Another easy option is to use a free tool from the Market called Titanium Backup. It will show all apps and allow you to easily uninstall without the need for ADB.

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