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Author(s)kbs, hari, hazymind
Version0.1.0 (for firmware 1.4)
LicenseApache License 2.0



Version 0.1.0 has option to create sub menu. You can create menu items like games, tools etc and move some of the apps inside it to clean up the main screen.


  1. Install it from nookMarket or
    adb install nookLauncher.apk


adb uninstall com.nookdevs.launcher

Using NookLauncher ( Old video )

NookLauncher is a simple program that works to allow users to run non-stock programs on the nook without having to get into any sort of complicated command line or VNC. It looks and feels a lot like the launcher from 1.1.1, which was full square icons. The stock 1.2 launcher has rounded icons and a shiny look to it.

When NookLauncher is first run, you will notice you can not only tap on icons to select them, but also scroll side to side to show more icons in the list. Icons can be added using the Launcher Settings app.

Adding Icons

Icons can be added to the home screen using the Launcher Settings app. To add icons to the launcher, enter the Launcher Settings app by scrolling to the right and tapping on it's icon, then tap the '+' button that shows in the upper left corner of the screen. It will show a list of things that can be added to the home screen; by tapping the blue '+' next to each item you will add it to the screen. Use the blue left-arrow to exit the launcher settings app.

Rearranging Icons

Icons can be rearranged on the home screen by going into the Launcher Settings app. Scroll left and right to find the icon you wish to move, then tap on the icon. It will get bigger and move to the left hand side of the screen. Now, scroll the launcher left and right to find where you want to put it. Tap the icon that is in the position you would like the new icon to be in. All icons 'beneath' and to the right will be shifted down one place, and the icon you were moving will be inserted there. Use the blue left-arrow to exit the launcher settings app.

Removing Icons

Icons can be removed from the home screen using the Launcher Settings app. Run the Launcher Settings app, then scroll to find the icon you would like to remove. Tap once on the icon, it will get bigger and move to the left of the screen. Now, tap on the icon again and it will disappear. It has now been removed, and can be re-added by using the '+' button. If you want to immediately re-add an app (like if you made a mistake), exit the launcher settings app and go back into it. If you immediately re-add without restarting the app, there is a bug that will cause the added shortcut to not function properly. Use the blue left-arrow to exit the launcher settings app.

Sample Icon Set

It's possible to completely theme your nookLauncher with new icons. This should become easier in the future. Icons are 96 x 144 pixels in size. I used PNG's, but I assume JPG's might work as well. Here's an example of a completely different icon theme:

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