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Recalibrate the NookColor touch screen

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Sometimes the nook will start seeing "phantom touches" or inaccurate touches, or not respond to reasonable touches. To see it an action, use MultiTouch Test; it shows the phantom red dot jumping around your finger. When that happens you need to recalibrate the touch screen.

Credit to IO-monster for finding this.

From a command prompt on a pc connected to a rooted nook type:

adb shell
echo 2 > /sys/bus/i2c/devices/2-0022/forcecal

wait 10 seconds then type


You should see messages about calibration like:

cyttsp:Calibration successful
ttsp_forcecal_store: Forcing TP calibration NOW.
ttsp_forcecal_show:ttsp_forcecal_show: tpfwver=00

If you got the "Calibration successful" message you did everything right. Now type:


If the calibration isn't yet good enough, there are three "tricks" to try.

  1. do the echo command while having a finger on the screen lightly
  2. cover the screen with plastic wrap and issue the echo command
  3. do the echo command with the screen facing down. This makes it SUPER sensitive.
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