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DNS Hack

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So we found a way to push our own content to nook while retaining Barnes and Noble's content.

Steps to use the DNS hack

  1. Change your router DNS addresses to Both primary and secondary need to be changed to this.
  2. Restart your nook by pressing and holding the power button until it turns off.
  3. Start it up.
  4. Make sure your nook is on WiFi.
  5. Go to the Daily.
  6. Check out the new content!

Note: this only overrides the record. Any other requests get passed through to OpenDNS servers.

Keep watching for new content every day!

Advanced hack

If you have full "root" access to a Unix/Linux based router (ie. a router running OpenWRT or DD-WRT), you can add the following to by editing your Hosts file (/etc/hosts):

On DD-WRT, this will not survive a reboot of the router (unless you're using a static/persistent file system for your /etc directory).

If you have control over your DHCP server, you can also force a reservation for the Nook's MAC. This may be useful in the future if assigning specific DNS entries is not possible.

Also may be useful to pull the SIM to prevent circumventing WiFi.

Note: While this DNS redirection is in effect, other web sites off the domain may cease to work.

The Technical Details

All this does after the DNS is redirected is to return the content with the same paths as Barnes and Noble does. The zip file with all needed files is MISSING DUE TO WIKI CRASH. Just unzip it to your web root (such as /var/www). The detailed steps follow:

  1. Download the above zip file
  2. Unzip to your web root
  3. sudo apt-get install dnsmasq on Debian/Ubuntu
  4. Delete /etc/dnsmasq.conf
  5. Edit /etc/dnsmasq.conf with your favorite editor (mine's nano), add the following:
  6. Save
  7. Start DNSMasq
  8. Edit the content found in the zip under the nookdevs folder
  9. Update the feedlist.asp under the ws folder
  10. Load The Daily on your nook
  11. You may need to restart your nook to see the changes
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