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Enable the Android Market

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Warning: This method is DEPRICATED. It has been included in the rooting process after 12/15/2010. If you have an early-rooted NC and still need to enable market, you can run this, or re-run the new root process. The results will be the same.
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Part of the NookColor portal
  • Warning: is not liable if you screw up doing what's described below. Nookdevs didn't even develop this process, it is a community product of many hands.
  • Warning: What you are about to do should only be undertaken by a competent person, not your pet monkey Guenter, even if he has a small hat (Futurama). It's very difficult to really brick a Nook Color. Even so, be careful.
  • Warning: Make sure you read the FULL page BEFORE starting anything to confirm you know what you are getting into! Before you come to IRC asking for help, please make sure you've done every teeny tiny step and you've done the whole thing at least twice.
  • Warning: Computers are very fussy. Mis-typing even one character can mess things up.

To start the rooting process please scroll down...

Note: Some people have reported that this process will only work for them after a complete reset to an un-rooted factory fresh NookColor. If you need to do that, instructions are at Flash back to clean stock ROM.

Read the whole thing over before you start. This can easily screw up your nook. Expect it to.

If you mess up the nook, you will have to Flash back to clean stock ROM. You can not brick a nook, but you can mess it up enough to require re-flashing to out-of-the-box condition. Very smart people have failed at this. If the following instructions confuse you, you might want to wait until an easier method has been developed.

This was derived from original work by MrMuffin based on the previous gmail and Youtube work by [mbm] Modifications to Framework.jar by clockworx and many many people in #nookcolor.



  • You must have rooted your NookColor prior to following these instructions.
  • You will need adb working. That may involve following the instructions at: NookColor USB ADB.
  • You must have a gmail account. Even if you never use it again, set one up.
    • You must log into YouTube at least once from your PC with that gmail account using the full address
    • If your B&N Nook registration email is a gmail address, make sure you use the same email for YouTube setup. If you use 2 different ones, Market will start but will not download any apps.
  • You must have a working wifi connection. You can not do this if you can not connect to the internet.

We are using the process of logging into YouTube on the NC to make a username and password entry into the database on the NC so that when you run Market, it uses that identity. It's a silly, round about way to do things, but it is the only one we've found to date that works. More direct solutions may come eventually.

What this does

  • Enable APK installs directly on the device
  • Enable Live Wallpapers
  • Enable Multitouch for certain apps (Google Maps, etc)
  • Download and extract the Google Apps (Market, Gmail, etc) to the proper place on your NC and set permissions
  • Download and install Youtube
  • Edit build.prop and packages.xml to enable Gmail and Market
  • Generate an AndroidId for the Market. The Android emulator is no longer required.
  • Modify the fingerprint of your device to emulate a Verizon Droid Eris running Android 2.1. This will let you access protected apps in the Market that would be otherwise hidden, (SlingPlayer is one)


If you would prefer to control this process by hand, the step by step instructions can be found at NookColor:Manual market enable. This page uses an automated script to accomplish the above.

Running the script

You do not just run the script. There are followup steps you must do.

Read all the way to the bottom!!!


From a terminal, cd to your adb directory and run these commands:

chmod +x NookColor-Config
sudo ./NookColor-Config

Now, skip past the Windows instructions and do the steps at FOLLOWUP.

Mac OSx

Download autonook-mac-0.2 from mediafire into the folder where your adb is. Then in a terminal in that folder:

chmod +x autonook-mac-0.2
sudo ./autonook-mac-0.2

Now, skip past the Windows instructions and do the steps at FOLLOWUP.


  • Download from mediafire
  • Extract all the files from it.
  • Copy all the files into the folder containing your adb.exe.
  • Bring up a command prompt.
    • In Vista or Win7 if your adb.exe is under Program Files, you will need to run the command prompt as administrator.
  • CD to the folder you just copied everything into.
  • type the command autonook and follow the on-screen instructions.


DO THIS EXACTLY THIS WAY If you don't do this exactly this way, it won't work, and people will say your dog is ugly.

  • Disconnect the USB cable.
  • The startup wizard will run, and talk about a Zoom2. Tap the robot.
    • When it offers to let you sign in, press the SKIP button.
    • Make sure that the location services checkbox is checked.
    • Finish the signup wizard.
  • Ensure that your wifi is connected.
  • Go to extras and run the YouTube app.
    • Press the Menu button.
    • Sign in with your Gmail account. Use the full form of the username.
    • Answer "Allow" twice
  • Bring up extras
  • Run gmail.
    • Press menu and resync. Even if sync fails, that's ok.
  • Bring up extras
  • Choose Market
    • You should be presented with the Terms of Service. Accept them.
    • You should now be in market and it should work.

Market only shows ten results

In market, turn the nook sideways, scroll once, then turn it back up. The market app only downloads more results when the screen is "full" and it never fills up in portrait, the app was written for devices smaller than 1024. So, rotate, scroll, spinback, all good.

If not everything shows in Market

There have been reports that it may take as long as 30 hours to see all apps in Market rather than a restricted set after performing this update. To date there is no absolute proof one way or the other.

If things didn't work

If your Market does not work, you will need to Flash back to clean stock ROM and start completely over with rooting the NOOKcolor and then come DIRECTLY here to attempt these steps again.

If and only if you have attempted this twice, at least once after a complete flash back to stock, then come to the IRC channel and ask for help.

If YouTube fails to start

In *some* instances, Youtube will now flake out on you when you try to run it. That's no big deal. Simply uninstall/reinstall Youtube. Or, install the EVO HQ YouTube app, which not only is hardware accelerated, doesn't fail to run, but runs HQ YouTube video's full screen without flaking out. download it from: Android Central.

If you want to uninstall/install the existing youtube app by hand, download the signed youtube app -- this is a zip file, you will have to unzip it and copy the apk to your adb directory. Then.

adb shell mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mmcblk0p5 /system
adb uninstall
adb push signed_YouTube.apk /system/app
adb reboot

At this point, youtube should work normally from now on.

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