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Author(s)Korshakov Stepan (aka Ex3NDR), Sasha Nilov
Version1.5.3 (Updated 7th august, 2010)
LicenseOpen Source




Icons can now be customized, this feature is fully working now. (As of 7th august, 2010)

First, please download the latest version of Launcher.

Instructions on how to use your own icons:

1) Plug in your nook via USB cable;
2) Open your nook drive (do NOT confuse this with the external SD card);
3) Create a new folder and name it exactly like this: my icons
4) Put your customized icons in the folder;
5) Name them properly (This is the most important step!)

icons must be named like this: <activity_full_name>.png <activity_full_name>_focus.png

For example:

6) Now you must refresh your launcher, this can be done in two ways:
a) Restart nook (this is more time consuming than the option b)


b) Open Task Manager application (in nook, ofcourse) and kill the process ru.launcher. 

Then just press the 'home' button and ru.launcher will restart along with your new icons. Task manager can be found here: (Thanks to poutine)

You can find the full list of <activity_names> by opening application manager in nook, there should be all icon names listed, just without .png extension. Check the bottom part of this page for the most of the icon names, I wrote them out for you.

If you need some assistance with creating new icons, email the author of this launcher to

Information and instructions updated as of 7th august, by User:Atomix (Atomix's customized icons are available at the user wiki page)

Collection of customized icons.


Install it

adb install ru.mynook.launcher.apk

If you want to use Launcher as a default one and avoid auto-booting B&N launcher, upload hacked Home.apk to our nook (NOTE: This causes problems on 1.5.0, B&N registration will reset on boot):

adb push Home.apk /system/app/

Editing Launcher Items

To show the launcher editor controls, touch any individual icon and hold for a couple seconds. The "+" icon displays all icons not present in your launcher. Selecting one will add it to your launcher. The "trashcan" icon removes the selected item from your launcher. The left and right arrows move the selected item one place to the left and right, respectively. The "x" icon hides the controls

Built in Icons




PSD template

PSD template for creating your own icons set + template for developers — coming soon. Wait please!

Icon names

These names are needed if you want to use your own customized icons (see upper part of the page on how to use customized icons) Alternatively, you can find those names yourself by opening application manager in nook or by opening the launcher.apk file using winzip or winrar and there are all the icons with their full names. I suggest you to use those icons as a reference material, especially to get the correct size for customized icons.

icon names
All files must have a second (in focus) file named *_focus.png
com.bravo.ReadingNow.png - READING NOW
com.bravo.library.LibraryActivity.png — MY LIBRARY — SETTINGS — Wi-Fi
com.bravo.home.HomeActivity.png — B&N home — BROWSER
com.bravo.chess.ChessActivity.png — CHESS
com.bravo.sudoku.SudokuActivity.png — SUDOKU
com.bravo.thedaily.Daily.png — THE DAILY — SHOP
com.nookdevs.library.NookLibrary.png — nookdevs Library
com.nookdevs.browser.nookBrowser.png — nookdevs Web Browser
com.nookdevs.twook.activities.PublicTimelineActivity.png — TWOOK
com.nookdevs.taskmanager.NookTaskManager.png — TASKMANAGER
com.nookdevs.filemanager.NookFileManager.png — FILEMANAGER
com.nookdevs.calculator.Calculator.png — CALCULATOR
com.nookdevs.wifi.wifiLocker.png — nookdevs Wi-Fi LOCKER — nookMARKET
com.kbs.nooklet.Nooklet.png — NOOKLETS
com.kbs.trook.Trook.png — TROOK
ru.mynook.apn.SettingsActivity.png — 3G SETTINGS
ru.mynook.locale.ChangeLocaleActivity.png — LANGUAGE SETTINGS — nookMEDIA
com.bobsoft.nookappman.NookAppMan.png — APP MANAGER — PANDORA
net.nookapps.googlereader.nookGoogleReader.png — gREADER
com.nookdevs.notes.NookNotes.png — nookNOTES
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