See Rooting new hardware FIRST if you have a nook original with a 1003* serial# or above.
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  • Warning: is not liable if you screw up during the root process. kthxbai
  • Warning: This will probably (probably = actually) void your warranty, is not liable for that either in any way shape or form.
  • Warning: What you are about to do should only be undertaken by a competent person, not your pet monkey Guenter, even if he has a small hat (Futurama)
  • Warning: Make sure you read the FULL page BEFORE starting anything to confirm you know what you are getting into!
  • Warning: By following the instructions below you release nookDevs and all related parties from any and all liability and damages as a result of this process. We can help you if you run into problems but we help at OUR discretion.

To start the rooting process please scroll down...

e-ink Nook Rooting Navigation

Methods for Nooks with serial numbers greater than 10030:

Router based for 1.4 | No Router method for 1.4
Rooting B&N revision 1.4 to 1.7 on any hardware
With firmware 1.5 or higher

For Nooks with serial numbers less than 10030:

Full list of rooting techniques
Warning: If your Nook serial number begins with 1003 or above and is running firmware 1.4.1 or higher, do not do the procedure below. Instead go to Rooting New Hardware for alternate methods.


What The Softroot is

The Softroot/ROM is a custom tailored firmware image for all versions of the Barnes and Noble Nook.

What's in the Softroot

  • ADB over USB. For more information see: ADB Over USB
  • NookLibrary 0.1.0 - Allows for better organization of sideloaded books with enhanced sorting abilities.
  • NookBrowser 0.0.9 - Predates the official browser, some different functionality.
  • NookFileManager 0.0.2 - Allows you to deal with filesystem operations without needing ADB.
  • Nooklets (rev:3) - Allows for mini javascript/web games to be easily made for the nook.
  • Trook (rev:68) - RSS Reader, Allows syncing with Calibre
  • Launcher - This allows for 3rd party applications to be installed and executed.
  • Non-Market App Fixes - The Android system was modified to allow non-market apps to be install/upgraded
  • Helper Scripts - A minimal amount of helper scripts have been written to help with Softroot/ROM upgrades.

How Do I Use It


  • You need a B&N nook (with battery charged to at least 20%, preferably fully charged).
    • This nook must not have a serial number starting with 1003 or higher. If yours does, please go to Rooting New Hardware instead.
  • You need a 128MB-or-higher microSD card with a single, FAT32-formatted partition.


Skip to Step #4 if you're already using a rooted nook.

1. Download the official 1.0.0 signed update download mirror mirror2 mirror3.

  • SHA1SUM: 84287D73B70E98DA6A6AF9F362B31E96D4E6EEA4

Barnes and Noble has likely introduced a new hardware revision which bricks your unit if you install their official 1.0.0 Firmware (A step needed to root). As of right now, Nooks with serial #s starting with 1003 AND HIGHER (running firmware 1.4.1) cannot be rooted using this method, and should NOT be attempted. See Rooting New Hardware for more details.

2. Copy 1.0.0 signed update to your nook's internal SDcard (should be named NOOK)

3. Go to the home screen, your e-ink screen will have a notification saying it's reading the update, your nook will reboot by itself and 1.0.0 will install to your nook.

4. Download the (perfinion's) 2.5.1 (B&N:1.5.0) Softroot/ROM download

  • SHA1SUM: 438D387126530E08DE896BB4A4A25E2F2725F430

5. Copy the 2.5.1 Softroot/ROM to your external SDcard (The one that isn't named NOOK). And change its name to "bravo_update.dat".

6. Hold the power until your e-ink screen goes off.

7. Press and hold the "<" button on the right side of the nook, and then press and release the power button, while continuing to hold the "<" button.

8. You can release "<" once a screen appears indicating that your device is updating. Wait through the entire process and when you see a launcher screen, reboot once more.

9. After your nook boots, hold the touchscreen portion down to pull up the launcher menu. You can click "+" to add apps to the main screen here.

10. You're all done, now go watch some TV.

  • Calibre Users: See Calibre for a late fix to your nook not being recognized.
  • Attention Chrome users: if instead of the bravo_update.dat and signed_bravo_update.dat you end up with and accordingly, DO NOT UNZIP these files, you will just need to rename them to bravo_update.dat and signed_bravo_update.dat.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you do the reboot as detailed in step #8, or else don't even ask us for help.

Visit us on our IRC channel if you have issues.

How to Go Back to Stock Firmware

Perform steps 1-3 of the softrooting section, then follow the official upgrade instructions at Barnes and Noble's support site here. All 3rd party apps and settings will be removed by installing the official update.

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