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Nookie FroYo: Burning a bootable SD card

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This page contains unsupported information and could cause damage if you continue!
Please note that the information on this page is unsupported and we will not be responsible for any damages or failures to your equipment. Please follow with care.

This wiki document is a work-in-progress, intended for a limited audience (for now).

Really, this is not ready for prime time. Don't do it. This is a research project.

And we're not answering questions yet. Really. Not. We'll let you know.

How to burn a bootable SD card with Nookie Froyo on it


  • You need a B&N nookColor (which we will call NC)
  • You need a 2GB or larger microSD card that you are willing to completely erase.
  • You need access to a computer.
    • the computer must be able to read and write a microSD card.
    • the computer must have around 4gb of free space on the hard disk to hold the zip you're going to download and the unzipped version of it.
  • You must have a program to write disk images, either dd (Linux or Mac) or Win32DiskImager (Windows) software (details below).

This process can be done from a Linux, Windows or Mac machine.

Note: Devices with integrated card readers (cameras, smartphones, the Nook itself) will often not be able to rewrite the partition table and won't make bootable cards. Dedicated USB card readers are ideal.

Unlike Linux and Mac, Windows does not include 'dd' so you will want to install win32DiskImager for writing the image to the microSD. win32DiskImager is a program written for the Ubuntu project to write disk images. Simply download the zip to a folder and run the Win32DiskImager.exe. No installation is required.


  1. Download the latest Image: Nookie Froyo v0.6.8 02/16/2011
  2. Unzip it using your favorite unzipper. (Windows users use 7-zip.)
  3. Write the microSD card image
  • For Linux Users:
    • Bring up a terminal
    • Navigate to the directory you unzipped the microSD card image to
    • If you are running in Linux, Ensure your microSD card is unmounted (run as root)
      • # umount /dev/<sdcard>
        where <sdcard> is your sdcard (for example /dev/sdc or /dev/mmcblk0, not the mount point of the sdcard or an existing partition like sdc1 or mmcblk0p1) Don't just copy the term <sdcard> you need to know the name of the sdcard's device. Please be sure you're writing to your sd card and not to your hard disk. This is dangerous.
    • write the image to your microSD card. (run as root)
      • WARNING: This will completely erase your microSD card. Be sure to back it up!
      • # dd if=NameOfNookieFroYoImage.img of=/dev/<sdcard> bs=1M
        • Note that you need to use the name of the img file you downloaded...
  • For Windows users:
    • Run Win32DiskImage.exe (0.2 or newer)
    • Click the folder button and navigate to select the img file you just unzipped.
    • Click on the disk drive letter label on the right, and choose the letter that corresponds to your SD card.
    • Press Write. When it finishes, press Exit.
      • WARNING: This will completely erase your microSD card. Be sure to back it up!
    It also will produce a multi partition removable disk for which windows will not allow you to re-partition. If you want to get back to "normal" disk you can reformat it with Hewlett-Packard Company's HPUSBFW.exe
  • For Mac Users:
    • Open a terminal window.
    • Find which drive the sd card is mapped to: type in the terminal this:
      diskutil list
    • Be very careful to identify the SD card and not your hard disk. Be VERY careful.
    • Now unmount that drive typing this:
      diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk#
      (My computer is was disk2 replace # with your number.)
    • The computer should say: Unmount of all volumes on disk<#> was successful
    dd if=NameOfNookieFroYoImage of=/dev/disk# bs=1m
    Again, replace # with the number of your card. Everything needed should copy right over to the card.
    • WARNING: This will completely erase your microSD card. Be sure to back it up!
    • When it is finished (it can take 10 minutes to write the full 2 gigs, depending on the speed of your card), be sure the drive is unmounted before removing it.
  • Now, stick the card into the nook, power off, power on, and you should be in FroYo.

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