See Rooting new hardware FIRST if you have a nook original with a 1003* serial# or above.
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Rooting New Hardware No Router

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  • Warning: This is not a 'one-stop shop' root method like the softroot of the older hardware. If you don't know or aren't willing to install apps on your computer, and/or how to use the command line tools available on your nook, this probably isn't ready for you.
  • Warning: is not liable if you screw up during the root process. kthxbai
  • Warning: This will probably (probably = actually) void your warranty, is not liable for that either in any way shape or form. Dont worry you can restore your files to original and B&N wont know the difference.
  • Warning: What you are about to do should only be undertaken by a competent person, not your pet monkey Guenter, even if he has a small hat (Futurama)
  • Warning: Make sure you read the FULL page BEFORE starting anything to confirm you know what you are getting into!
  • Warning: By following the instructions below you release nookDevs and all related parties from any and all liability and damages as a result of this process. We can help you if you run into problems but we help at OUR discretion.

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Methods for Nooks with serial numbers greater than 10030:

Router based for 1.4 | No Router method for 1.4
Rooting B&N revision 1.4 to 1.7 on any hardware
With firmware 1.5 or higher

For Nooks with serial numbers less than 10030:

Full list of rooting techniques

To start the rooting process please scroll down...



These instructions are designed to Root the New hardware nooks (10031 and newer i did it to my 10036 nook) New Hardware Revision (1.4.2 firmware).

CDUMP found this method cdump
I Skwerl23 dont have the ability to alter my router's DNS so I spent time figuring out how to do this with out a router.

Reasons for no router

1. Your router doesn't allow for DNS modifying

2. You like doing things differently

3. You don't have access to the router. E.G. you're on a public domain or parents say no way.

4. you don't have a router. (Dial Up internet, or modem to pc strait.)

5. You can't figure out the other method (most likely due to minimal instructions)


1. Windows 7 (with admin rights)

2. Wireless Card

3. Nook

Breakdown of the Process

  • 1st you will install software to connect to your nook via wifi
  • 2nd you will install software to forward a few websites through DNS software
  • 3rd you will download and understand adb (through android SDK). adb lets you type commands to your nook.
  • 4th you will connect your nook and it will think there is an update to download, this will fail but actually alter your nook root so that a wifi reset will allow for you to adb into the nook
  • 5th you will edit 3 files so that you can adb anytime in the future and remove the nooks ability to force upgrades (which would remove the softroot)
  • 6th you WILL enjoy your newly rooted nook.

Let's begin!


1st Lets download the necessary files.

2nd Lets install the programs.

  • a. First you need to remove UAC. there are a few ways. This Website Lists multiple methods

Some people say this is not required but if you skip this step and have problems, then come back here and disable UAC

  • b. Second You need to install Connectify me. (make sure to select the proper internet connection that you are sharing, YES it can be the same wireless card that you are turning into a hotspot)
  • c. Third Right click and run as Admin on Treewalk DNS. Then install as normal.
  • d. Fourth you DO NOT need to install Android SDK, rather just unzip it to your desktop and make the main android folders as easy to get to as possible (i.e. Desktop/Android/*Folders*) (NOT desktop/android/android-sdk-files/more-nonsense/*folders*)
  • e. Finally RESTART YOUR PC

3rd Now you need to modify the DNS settings on Treewalk DNS

  • a. Find the ETC folder Pertaining to Tree Walk -- Below are the most common locations
  • b. Once you navigate here there is a file called Named.cache this is the file you are gonna modify. DONT open just yet(if there is no file named named.cache it will be the only .cache file in the folder)
  • c. Open up TreeWalk Control Panel (Click Start and type treewalk should be the top one)
  • d. Now STOP the Service
  • e. NOW Open the file you found earlier Named.cache and add the following lines to it via notepad. preferably at the bottom
; local 3595118 A 3595118 A
  • f. Save the file
  • g. Now START the service back up

This just made your DNS server route the nook to an alternate site for the edited update download

Nook adb connecting

Now you should be ready to begin... Remember to tap your nook menu screen periodically to force wifi stability

  • 1. take your nook and connect it to your Connectify me Wifi Hotspot with whatever password you set up
  • 2. Your nook might try to download an update. if not go to the nook's settings, and then go to device. now unregister your nook, and then re-register. this guarantee's it will download files. also a restart of the nook usually triggers a download request. but this takes longer. (IF your nook doesn't download an update, than your DNS is not set right. or you missed a step above. if you are doing everything right please go to the public chat room for help)
  • 3. now once the download fails you go to your nook's wifi menu and enable airplane mode, then disable airplane mode.
  • 4. go to START (in windows) and type CMD and hit enter. this should bring up the command prompt. which usually defaults to USERS/YOURNAME (if it's not here, Type "CD c:\users\YOURNAME") (just in case im not clear, replace YOURNAME w/ whatever user account your logged in as)
  • 5. type in the command prompt as follows
CD Desktop
CD Android
CD Tools
adb Connect (nook IP) (E.G. adb connect

To find your nooks IP address you can either go to the nook wifi menu -> Wifi Hotspot -> Checkmarked Connection, OR you can go to Connectify me Menu(its a tray icon) and see who your ONLY client is

You should now see it say connected to nookIPaddress (it might mention something about starting a service as well)
NOTE: If it does not connect, then you need to reset your nook using a long press of the power button and start the Nook adb connecting section over. sometimes it doesn't trigger, it took me 5-6 retries. i tried at different times each time. (i.e. waited till "UPDATE FAILED" disappeared, or tried as fast as i could once it said "UPDATE FAILED")

Now the good news is you have adb Access

File Modifying

1st you need to pull the files to modify
in command prompt under the tools folder type the following

adb pull /init.rc nook\init.rc
adb pull /etc/ nook\
adb pull /system/app/FirmwareUpdateService.apk nook\FirmwareUpdateService.apk

The line about Firmware update service is there so you have a back up, you can push it back at anytime.

2nd You need to edit the files you pulled

  • a. open WORDPAD (press start in windows and type wordpad)
  • b. Open the init.rc file it will be under (desktop\android\tools\nook\)
  • c. Search in the file for adb. and right afterwords it should say disabled change that to enabled
  • d. Save the file
  • e. Open from the same folder
  • f. delete everything AFTER "echo "0" > /sys/power/wifi_pm"
  • g. Save the file

3rd you need to inject the newly edited files to your nook.

  • a. go back to command prompt and type the following
adb push nook\init.rc /init.rc
adb push nook\ /etc/
adb shell

4th You need to remove/rename the nook's desire to auto update.

  • a. you will see a # symbol and type the following
rm /system/app/FirmwareUpdateService.apk
mv /system/app/FirmwareUpdateService.apk /system/app/FirmwareUpdateService.backup

This stopped the Nooks natural ability to search for updates, denying deletion of your softroot nook :D
Earlier, if you noticed, you pulled this file, so you have a back up on your PC thats why i suggest deleting it.
Now restart your nook. you should have no problems if you followed the instructions to the T

Computer Restoring

Finally now that your nook is all good to go it is time to revert your computer.

  • 1. If you have no other wifi connection you can keep installed for nook purposes, otherwise uninstall it.
  • 2. Now uninstall Treewalk DNS if you prefer so that you are no longer forwarding those pages.
  • 3. If you disabled UAC and prefer it on, then remember to re-enable it.

Firmware image

Use this if you are below 1.4.1 and want to update to 1.4.1 image (unsigned) from restore partition:


If you have any questions, ask them in discussion on this page. or in the chat room.

What next?

Now its time to do all kinds of cool stuff.

Everything you want to know is on here at NookDevs. some excellent examples are...

  • Install Mynook.ru_Launcher for a more sleek launcher with customization.
  • Install Nook_Application_Manager To manage Apps. FYI you cant upgrade apps, you must uninstall any app to install an upgrade
  • Install NookMarket So that you may install apps anytime straight from the nook

once you added the nookmarket you need to modify your nook to enable installs.
Connect to your wifi network via Nook
Go to windows command prompt and work your way to the android tools folder (for adb access) and type the following

adb connect (nook IP)
adb shell

now copy and paste the following (using mouse right click) into the # area. (include quotes and everything)

/system/xbin/sqlite3 /data/data/ "update secure set value=1 where name='install_non_market_apps'"
  • More Nook applications can be found Here


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